Thursday, October 26, 2017

Halloween 1993 - West Village "after parade street party" - SPECIAL REPOST !

The best part of the Halloween parade in NY is always the wild street party that takes place afterwards in the streets of Greenwich Village. In 1993, people went crazy until the morning hours...That night, I had the chance to shoot a couple of rolls of black and white film while having fun...

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

NEW YORK IN THE 1990's ON THE WEB - Selected reviews, articles, etc. - PART 3 - Updated January 1st 2018 -



Selected reviews, articles, news, etc. PART 3

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NEW YORK in the 1990's PHOTO ARCHIVES featured in 


NEW YORK in the 1990's PHOTO ARCHIVES featured in two upcoming documentary films. 

I am happy to present two upcoming documentary films featuring pictures from this site. Both directors used my images to help document and illustrate New York City in the 90's. Two stories that shine a light on two very different subjects both linked to New York's recent history.  


Miracle on 42nd street, The story of Manhattan Plaza, the renowned experiment in subsidized housing for people in the performing arts.


Getting Naked, A Burlesque Story. A fun and sexy chronicle of NYC's burlesque sub-culture. It intimately follows several brilliant performers in their on and off-stage lives, delving into their art, their struggles and their humanity, against the backdrop of an ever-changing, perennially tough New York City. The film had its World Premiere in Venice last month.

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