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42nd STREET (and area) IN THE MID-NINETIES - REPOST - Last images -

The 42nd street area will never be the same...Some of its amazing theaters (think Selwyn, Lyric or Empire, Ziegfeld follies, Houdini shows, etc.) were brutaly destroyed to make room for a "family friendly" environment. Giuliani's clean up time had come and all of this old NY had to go.
Only the Amsterdam Theater still stands largely transformed by Disney (as well as a a few theather fronts that were miraculously saved and rebuilt in a sometimes very cardboardish fashion). Some of the photos featured here were taken a few months before all the theaters went the city had commisioned artists to display  messages on the old time canopes.
You will also find here images various images the "Deuce", 8th avenue and Times square, all were taken between 1993 and 1998. The strip shows and peep shows, the porn theaters (Show World, Peep Land, The Playpen, etc.) before they were gone and as destruction had just started. As well as the fisrt signs of the total transformation of this great New York area.
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North east corner of 8th avenue and 42nd street
The remains of The Nugget. Just before total destruction.
Show World and its Big Top Lounge
Here and below, the 42nd street theater fronts
The Selwyn Theater
The Empire Theater
The Liberty Theater
The Lyric Theater
The Amsterdam Theater
Victory Theater
North east corner of 8th avenue and 42nd street...again
And after the destruction...
A new era has begun. Cranes and construction everywhere.
8th avenue is dead. All the porn shops have closed.
Mc Hales - An institution...
Show World, still in activity with its infamous "triple treat" theater !

Empty Times Square ! (During a simulation of terrorist attack - 1990's -)
The Smiths Bar on 8th avenue...A must for a real Times Square late night experience at the time !
The Playpen (Ideal Theater)
A couple of views of the old Hot Dog and soda fountain shop on the 42nd street strip
8th. ave and 42nd more time, later on...with a giant ad for the Godzilla movie.

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