Sunday, March 20, 2016

NIGHT AND THE CITY - 1993-1998 -

42nd street
The Playpen - 8th Avenue and 43rd st.

Flatiron building

Billy's Topless

Allerton Hotel - Chelsea - 22nd st. and 8th ave.

Times Square

Lower East Side
Avenue A and 12th st.

Times Square
Webster Hall
Times Square
7th ave and 18th st.

The Palladium (from Julian's Pool Room's window)

7th avenue between 21st and 22nd st.
Upper East Side
Times Square

Tompkins Square Park
2nd ave. / East Village
West side (near the Meat Market) looking south
Street fest in Losaida
Flatiron building
12th st and Avenue A

Late night on "Channel 13"


  1. Love your blog! Hope you can post more pictures of the East Village. I moved to East Village (best neighborhood in New York!) 3 years ago and I've always been curious what it was like way back when. You're like a time machine! Thanks for posting all these amazing photos!

  2. Thank you for preserving my New the face of the horrific changes she is now undergoing, as the kudzu of "gentrification" buries her soul beneath the glass and steel and it strangles the people who gave her life blood, exchanging them for over-entitled strangers from other cities and other lands devoid of any attachments to the city save their investment per-square-foot.

    Thank you.