Sunday, March 30, 2014

NEW YORKERS AND STREET SCENES - PART 4 - ( and a little taste of NY 90's street art )

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New Yorkers and Street Scenes:

and also:

Astor Place

City Hall

Hell's Kitchen

Lafayette street

East Village

Grand Central Station
East Village
Street fair in Chelsea (8th Ave.)
Alphabet City
East Village
Santa's on his way !
Esat Village / Next to the Variety Theater
West side
Apollo Theater - 125th street -
East Village
Bryant Park
St Marks Place
Astor Place
The Tower of Toys - Alphabet City
East Village
East Village
The Village Voice building
The Village Voice
East Village
East Village
Tower Records - Broadway -

Wall street
East 125th street


  1. Gregoire, I was born in Manhattan in 1960, and have lived in NYC on and off my entire life. One of the periods I'm fond of is the 90s, when you took your pictures. They document a New York that started to disappear in the 2000s, and now no longer exist, having been destroyed by both selfish New Yorkers and outsiders. I recognize almost every location you have photographed (if you need any help I would be glad to); one photo you have labeled "East 14th Street" actually is not - it's farther downtown on Park Row, in front of a Pace University building, across the street from City Hall. Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures!

    1. Thank you Allan ! I will correct the info on the Park Row picture. I totally agree with you...the 90's were a great period of NY and so much has changed already , in such a short time !