Saturday, March 28, 2020

BACK IN NEW YORK 1990's-2020 PART 1 "Then and Now" Updated

August 2019

During the past 25 years, I had several occasions to come back to NY and to witness the tremendous changes the city has been undergoing. This summer 2019, I thought time had come to explore Manhattan again with a camera, wandering aimlessly in this transformed city, from Harlem to Battery Park, East to West End. My Nikon film cameras have been stored for quite some time and my new companions are now Fujifilm digital cameras. These long walks in the NYC summer heat brought me back to some locations I had photographed in the 1990's. This first post is presenting a few "then and now" shots using images from my photo archive.

 The Meat Market (Meat Packing District) / Washington street - 1993-2019

Village Cigars / Christopher street  1995-2019

Lafayette and Great Jones street 1992-2019

42nd street and 8th avenue 1993-2019

The Amsterdam Theater on 42nd street 1993-2019

8th avenue and 33rd street 1995-2019

The Cube at Astor Place 1993 - 2019

Lafayette and Bleecker 1991-2019

"REVS COST" mural, west 20's - 1996-2019 - now only visible when on the highline (but still there!)

East Houston street and Broadway 1994-2019

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