Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween 1993 - West Village "after parade street party" - SPECIAL REPOST !

The best part of the Halloween parade in NY is always the wild street party that takes place afterwards in the streets of Greenwich Village. In 1993, people went crazy until the morning hours...That night, I had the chance to shoot a couple of rolls of black and white film while having fun...

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Thursday, September 16, 2021

MEAT MARKET (Meat Packing District) 1990's

The Meat Packing District (MePa) is today one of the hippest neighborhoods of Manhattan and the Highline is now attracting crowds from all around the world.
In the mid-nineties, this area (most New yorkers called "The Meat Market") was dark and desolate with the semi-abandoned warehouses of meat purveyors. In the early morning, the butchers going to work were crossing night creatures finishing their shifts. There were a few clubs, hidden on the meat market's dark corners. Jackie 60 and of course the infamous Vault, The Manhole and Hellfire clubs in the (then iconic) Triangle Building. After going to the clubs like Nell's on 14th street, Florent on Gansevoort was a real treat. A fun coffee shop with crazy drag waitresses and other strangers of the night. And also great burgers and breakfast for hungry nightclubbers crashing in the morning light. 
Here are some day time shots of this area with its great cinematic quality.
Cameras: Nikon FM2 and F3HP - Nikor 35mm/f2 - 50mm/f1.4  / Canon AF35

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