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The "Different Views " series are an attempt to offer a different photographic perspective of famous New York landmarks. Through a selection of images from the archives, the landmark is shown fully integrated in its urban environment. An alternative to the classic touristic landmark representation.

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Different Views Part 2 - World Trade Center (Twin Towers)
Different Views Part 3 - Empire State Building

Friday, April 14, 2017

"LOOKING FOR STEPHEN SPROUSE" - Video documentary (28mn / 2009) - New York's fashion scene of the late 1980's - REPOST

 In 2009, I produced and co-directed this video documentary about the late Stephen Sprouse and his collaboration with Marc Jacobs and luxury brand Louis Vuitton. 

Shooting "Looking for Stephen Sprouse" in New York was like going back in time, especially with the interviews of some of his old friends and admirors: Debbie Harry, Marc Jacobs, Christiaan Houtenbos, Jaimie Boud, Patricia Field, Candy Pratts Price, the Padilla brothers...
Invocating the ghosts of the New York art and fashion scene of the 1980's: Warhol, Basquiat, Haring... 

The first interview we shot as soon as we arrived in New York was Debbie Harry's in a club somewhere near the Meat Market. She insisted on filming while a rock band was rehearsing on the stage in the background...that wasn't easy ! 
Christiaan Houtenbos, master fashion hair stylist welcomed us in his amazing apartment with his son Pete. A wonderful and very touching moment, especially when Christiaan pulled out a mannequin and shopping bags from the old Sprouse store in well as family pictures and original Sprouse artwork.
Meeting Patricia Field was also a real treat...telling us about the 80's downtown scene in her incredible Bowery store/apartment. So was interviewing Candy Pratts Price who still lives in the midtown building where Sprouse and Debbie Harry lived at one time.
It was also wonderful to listen to Jaimie Boud, Sprouse's assistant, telling us about his relationship with Stephen and sharing memories of the Soho store and Stephen's creative instinct. Jaimie also provided us with some great archival VHS footage that can be seen in the film.


This film features archival footage of Stephen Sprouse and of the late 1980's New York fashion scene, as well as images of downtown Manhattan (East Village, Soho, Brooklyn bridge) shot in 2009 for the needs of this film.
Please note that copyrights clearance might be pending for some of the footage and soundtrack used in this film. Therefore this post is for consultation and private use only. Any broadcasting, diffusion or copying of this film is strictly forbidden. If any infrigement is brought to my attention, I will kindly remove the featured link upon documented request.

Below: screenshots from "Looking for Stephen Sprouse" (28mn / 2009 / All rights reserved)

Debbie Harry



Patricia Field

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